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What does Principia Analytics do?

Advanced Media Measurement and Scalable Data Practices
Go to Causal Attribution

Causal Attribution

Measure incremental sales and fractionally attribute the impact of those incremental sales across the entire customer journey to reduce waste and increase efficiency

Go to Fractional Factorial

Fractional Factorial

Determine the characteristics of your ads that perform best to begin investing in building ads that bring your company more engagement and, in turn, more sales.

Go to Consumer Segmentation

Consumer Segmentation

Utilize machine learning techniques to determine the naturally occurring groups within your data, creating actionable customer segments

Go to Recommendation Engines

Recommendation Engines

Predict valuable relationships between a set of customers and a set of products to help you grow your business sales and further understand your customer base

Go to BI & Sales Forecasting

BI & Sales Forecasting

Solve the hardest problems facing your organization with applied data science and machine learning – Discover market trends, forecast metrics, gain critical business insight to grow sales

Go to Managed ETL

Managed ETL

Extract massive amounts of information from various unstructured and disparate data sources and transform into meaningful output

Go to Custom Dashboarding

Custom Dashboarding

All-encompassing reporting suites allowing media professionals readily available media optimization suggestions, with the ability to drill down, group, and parse for advanced media insight

Go to Data Consulting

Data Consulting

A team of experts to help you better structure generate and understand how your data connects so that you get the most value out of your data as possible

See our Principia Analytic's Causal Attribution whitepaper to learn more.

The Principia Analytics Process

Data Audit ⟶ Recommendation ⟶ Integration ⟶ Scale ⟶ Advanced Measurement

We begin with an initial audit of your current data structures for optimal tracking and data standards. Next, we ensure that siloed and unstructured data sources are transformed, cleaned and integrated in order to provide a unified database. Once this data process is streamlined, we can accelerate our advanced analytics practices to best serve your needs. Offering our Causal Attribution Performance Suite, sophisticated real-time custom reporting, segmentation, forecasting, marketing mix modeling, recommendation engine technologies and ad hoc data science practices.

Meet The Team


Director of Analytics

Keith Schneider

Data Scientist – PhD

Anthony Racine

Lead Analyst

Ray Curry


Mandy Melby

New Business & Communications

Erica Holwick

Business Development

Tiffany Ecker

Legal Counsel

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