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Technology advances rapidly and in sectors like Finance and Healthcare using advanced models and programs to improve results for clients is critical to staying afloat in competitive markets. That same reality is starting to blossom in digital marketing. But it can be hard to determine what solutions are real and which are a set of smoke and mirrors hiding behind buzzwords like machine learning, AI, or big data. That is why Principia Analytics is proud to present our suite of digital media optimization, creative testing, and RTB bidding optimization solutions in a plain, straight forward fashion. Our solutions are based on well known, well vetted, statistical and economic research and we will tell you the nitty gritty of how they work if you ask. You have a lot of tough questions to answer as a marketer. Shouldn’t the solutions you pick answer some of those questions, not create more?

A Range of Solutions for a Range of Needs

From media planning and buying, to creative testing and CRM

Let our solutions do some of the heavy lifting in helping you discover important insights

Game theory based RTB bidding models

Improve ROAS

Decrease CPCs

Increase qualified traffic

Increase workflow efficiency

Fractional factorial creative testing solution

Test larger numbers of creative variations

Decrease time to results

Decrease required testing budgets

Constrained maximization media planning models

Media planning that adapts to performance

Let’s planners focus on strategy

Monthly plan rebalancing

Allows differing levels of aggressiveness

Churn models

Enables better retention campaigns

Informs creative messaging

Provides valuable product or service information

By the Numbers

Real World Results

Game Theory Based Bidding

% lift in Conversions
% lift in Site Traffic
% reduction in CPA
$ extra budget required

Fractional Factorial Testing Solution

Creative combinations tested
Week testing period
% Lift in optimal banner CTR
% Reduction in required testing budget

Media Planning Optimization

X more frequent planning
X more testing opportunities
% reduction in vendor costs (easier negotiations)

Principia’s solutions stand alone. So regardless of your current set up, you can begin to leverage our products immediately. They also play nicely together and with our other product lines. If you are looking for cohesion, you can combine as many, or as few, as you would like to create a comprehensive platform

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