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Automated Reporting

Insight at the speed of digital

Be confident in your data and your marketing strategies by leveraging Principia Analytics automated reporting suites. Easy to digest data visualizations will give you immediate insight into your campaigns. These robust, yet customizable dashboards give you control over your data and full transparency into all of your media sources. With a content library of over 20 enterprise level reports you can take charge of your data engine and turn it into action.

Reporting Features

Beauty and brains. You’re welcome.

Reduce the time you take to complete redundant data tasks, eliminate reporting errors and easily manage your data focused conversations

Data Security

Extensive firewall protection to keep your data safe and secure 24/7

Expert Support

Contact the Principia team for demos and report training.

White Labeling

Provide your clients access to these reports and rebrand as your own.

Automated Data Refresh

Leverage Principia’s Data Generation Process and refresh your datasets daily giving you updated data with no additional effort


Extract the source data from these reports into .csv or .xls files. Build pitch decks, quarterly reports or executive summaries with PDF extracts.


Don’t see what you need here? No problem. Work with the Principia team to build a custom report tailored to your needs

The Principia Analytics team has taken both agency and brand partners to the next level by building out robust data generation strategies and offering best in class solutions to unify each data source.

Advanced Reporting Suite

Take charge of your data and turn it into action

Principia offers over 20 at the ready dashboards. Order the content you need to gather immediate insights

Principia’s advanced reporting suite saves clients hours of time spent on data tasks every day. This allows them to spend more time analyzing and optimizing their media efforts. Principia’s reports have been designed with direct support from sophisticated media team with decades of data driven marketing experience. Leave the heavy lifting to these reporting solutions.

This dashboard offers a high-level overview of all your digital media efforts in one dashboard perfect for executive or anyone wanting a quick glance at all of your campaign’s delivery and KPI Performance.

Offering a detailed highly customization dashboard that allows you to compare your media delivery and KPI performance against similar time periods

Offering robust creative reporting including top and bottom lists, banner performance over time, and break down high performing assets.

View the location of every media touch point at a country, region, state, or city level. This dashboard has ranked lists and drillable maps for every media delivery and KPI metric in your campaign.

Your users are interacting with your brand on multiple devices and browsers. Track KPI performance across multiple device and browsers showing you where to focus your efforts.

Analyze the number of unique users your campaigns are touching and measure the number of ads being served across all your inventory sources for a selected period of time.

Manually keeping track of budget delivery can be time consuming and prone to error. Use this dashboard to track spend against your budgets and your campaign duration.

Our CausedCommerce platform is also built into our reporting suite. Leverage these reports to measure which inventory sources are driving incremental conversions.  

Verify that your ad’s are being shown to real people and know the percentage of impressions that were viewable. Avoid wasted media budgets and optimize to better inventory sources.

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