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The consumers you are targeting are interacting with your brand on multiple devices, receiving ads from different inventory suppliers, across traditional and digital channels, and clearing their cookies regularly. Your attribution platform should account for all of those nuances. But most enterprise level attribution platforms make it hard to accomplish. That is why we invented CausedCommerce. By providing data on which of your digital media buys are driving incremental sales, sales that are driven by digital media and not other various touchpoints, and providing cross-device, cross platform measurement all in one simple platform, CausedCommerce allows you and your digital media teams to optimize more effectively and quickly in today's complex digital landscape.

“Understanding annual value of a new customer and having the ability to optimize our digital media mix to drive incremental visits is invaluable for driving our bottom line. It's great being able to put my finger on which marketing dollars are driving incremental revenue." - Jonathan Tress, VP of Marketing, Noodles & Company


CausedCommerce Suite

Marketing Solutions Architects

Our award-winning CausedCommerce suite is unique because it measures your media’s effectiveness at driving incremental sales. Incremental sales are sales that occurred because of your digital media. When you optimize to incremental sales you are more effectively optimizing your marketing towards affecting your bottom line.

The CausedCommerce suite was designed to provide a comprehensive media tracking system, an effective incrementality measurement platform, a multi-touch conversion attribution system, and an automated reporting view that makes optimization easy, all in one platform.  The elements in each of our optimization dashboards aligns with a way that programmatic buyers can optimize media to improve performance. Our attribution platform runs millions of tests per day per client to give you accurate performance data updated daily. Our tracking allows us to capture more data across more channels in a non-personally identifying way to provide you with an in depth understanding of your consumer without violating their privacy.

  • Full view and click based tracking (not UTM based which is click only)
  • Cross-device graph technology
  • Cookieless device fingerprint tracking
  • Geographic measurement based on IP locations
  • Device measurement based on OS
  • Fully customizable conversion pixels for advanced data capture
  • Filterable, interactive, and customizable dashboards deliver quick insights on:
    • Geo-fencing performance
    • Day-part effectiveness
    • Media placement effectiveness
    • Seasonality
    • Media allocation effectiveness
    • Performance trending
  • Refreshed daily
  • Live access via the web
  • Multi-level data security
  • Fully downloadable graphics, reports, and data
  • Incrementality measured via Rubin Causal Model frameworks
    • Results of incrementality measurement are at a consumer ID level
  • Position agnostic Markov chain models are utilized for fractional attribution
    • Model weightings driven by consumer behavior data

How Incremental Attribution Improves Marketing Efforts 


% decrease in incremental CPA


X increase in incremental ROAS


% lift in client observed revenues

How CausedCommerce Improves Marketing Efforts

  • Optimize media more effectively to your bottom line by measuring incrementality
  • Understand the effectiveness of your media funnel better with multi-touch attribution
  • Reduce media waste with optimization recommendations
  • Improve working to non-working budget ratios with affordable volume-based rate
  • Create confidence with independent 3rd party tracking and KPI measurement
  • Learn more than with UTM only based systems:
    • More effectively measure the effects of non-click oriented media like video
    • Optimize media in cross device plans with cross device graph measurement technology
    • Improve the quality of media buys with viewability and fraud tracking
    • Eliminate data loss with cookieless tracking technology
    • Increase the efficiency of media plans with cross platform measurement
    • Understand what channels are driving high value consumers with conversion data capture

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