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Data Generation Process (DGP)

Make your data count

In the digital ecosystem the list of publishers, agencies, data suppliers, ad networks, exchanges, DMPs, and tracking solutions continues to grow. Managing and unifying these sources can seem daunting. Principia Analytics offers best in class solutions and "in the weeds" consultants who have extensive experience helping marketers generate, manage, and clean each data source they work with in order to make data actionable and meaningful.

What is DGP?


Learn how to more fully unify your data across

all platforms with tag management practices

Data Flow

Build connections and automate

data pipelines for each data source.

Data Warehousing

Database management and technology

stack capabilities and consulting


Build out a standard naming taxonomy

to clean up your campaign hierarchy

Generate Value

Plug into Incremental Attribution and leverage

Principia Analytics Robust Reporting suites

Whether you want to build a data practice in house or outsource it, the success of your program will be built on a foundation of DGP fundamentals. We can help you make your data practice a success more quickly by helping you establish a solid foundation.


Viewability and fraud

Audit your publishers with

viewability and fraud measurement

Save Time

Reduce time for reporting and data tasks

with clean and efficient data modeling.

Single Source of Truth

Integrate CRM and offline

datasets with online touch points

Cross Device

Cross-channel and cross-device measurement.

It’s not just about cookies anymore.

Consumer Journey

Full consumer journey mapping

across each digital touch point

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