Causal Attribution Performance Suite

Combine the best elements of fractional attribution and incrementality testing

In the words of marketing pioneer John Wanamaker, “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is, I don’t know which half.” Our patent pending Causal Attribution Performance Suite solves this age-old problem. We can now measure which marketing dollars are responsible for driving sales, and which are being used less efficiently.

Causal attribution harnesses the best of both incrementality and fractional attribution to optimize your media performance. Allowing media teams to move precious marketing dollars towards incremental sales. Placing money in better incrementally performing ad groups and platforms decrease your overall CPA, increases your ROAS and allows media professionals to eye their bottom line with increased budget efficiencies.

“Traditional media metrics offer a bigger slice, while causal attribution metrics offer a bigger pie”

See our Causal Attribution whitepaper to learn more.

Causal Attribution Performance Suite Capabilities

Incremental Summary

Provides high-level charts, trends, grouping and filtering to gain a quick pulse of your media’s incremental performance

Incremental Detail

Delivers comparison visualizations of incremental and organic sales and the ability to view iCPA by iConversions through time

Incremental Optimization

displays the top and bottom incremental sales performers with the capacity to drill down into and group by various metrics


Portrays the lag to incremental conversion, giving you the power to visualize optimal media buying times

Geo Optimization

Demonstrates through maps and ranked bar charts the incremental conversions by region, state, and city

Audience and Vendor Overlap

Exhibits visual interpretations of users that may end up in multiple auctions or platforms at the same time